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ManageMyAir is an Airbnb property rental service company that has helped Copenhagen’s Airbnb hosts since December 2015 with all aspects of hosting Airbnb guests.

Services include key exchange, cleaning, bed linen hire, full administration etc. We have welcomed 3000 guests to Copenhagen’s home, ensuring that they have the perfect welcome in a clean home.

We do our best to Airbnb hosts who do not have the time to take care of everything themselves and give them peace of mind that their guests and their homes are taken care of.

Our focus is on service, reliability and trust. We want to make sure that all our customers get good ratings from their guests time and again. We do this by having a well-trained team that comes from the travel and hotel industry and truly understands the special needs of Airbnb guests and hosts.

Founder of ManageMyAir, Cheryl Barnes has 15 years of experience in tourism, hospitality and property services. She has lived 12 years in the French Alps and serviced holiday homes for private owners. She also loves to travel and wants to give others the opportunity to travel more by helping them make extra money in their homes while away. Our team of 8+ employees is proud to find solutions at short notice, for both hosts and guests who need help.

We look forward to helping you!